Well, this happened.

I am out of my mind excited.  I’ve actually known for three days now that I was pregnant – I could just tell, and kept saying so to Stephen – but I kept getting negatives from the cheap-o strip tests that came with my ovulation kit.  This morning I had had enough, so when I got up at 4am to take my mom and stepdad to the airport I broke out the fancypants $15 test (why I was saving the “expensive” one I don’t know, considering that $15 is an infinitesimally small drop in the bucket compared to how much a pregnancy and baby are going to cost) and it said pregnant pretty much immediately.  When I went in to wake up Stephen and said “guess what?!” (keep in mind the ungodly hour) his response was “you’re pregnant! awesome. [snore.]”  He was definitely a lot more excited when I got back to the house at a reasonable hour.

So yeah, totally preggers. The internet tells me I’m due in July. Holy crap this is actually happening.

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