It’s probably bad mommy protocol to admit this, but I really, really wanted this baby to be a girl.  I’ve always pictured my first child would be a daughter, and I have this whole vision of a relationship with my daughter that’s as close as the one I have with my mom, and that she had with her mom, and that my mom and my daughter would be as close as I was with my grandmother… perfect circle and such, you know.  No pressure on anybody or anything.  Ha.Anyway, I’m getting my wish – we’re having a daughter.  We had our 20-week anatomy scan today, and everything looks great, is the right size, appears to be functioning correctly, etc, including teeny tiny ladyparts (obviously the fact that she has a brain and her heart is beating were of concern as well, but I went into the scan with the attitude that if I believed everything was healthy it would be).  I’ll refrain from including photos with this one, since it feels inappropriate to share the pics that prove the whole girl thing, and the rest of them make her look like a miniature version of The Punisher.  Stephen has warned me against everything turning pink and frilly and ridiculous now that we know, and I’m totally on board with the whole raising a child to be who she is or wants to be without regard for sex or gender stereotypes, but there WILL be at least one hot pink tutu involved in the process.

I already love this baby so much it hurts.  Hopefully she holds up her end of the bargain and loves me that much back.